Glade To C++

A windows tool for automatic generation of GTKmm (C++) code out of GLADE sheet
C# language - Visual Studio 2015. Programmer: Buzz
License: Mit
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About Glade To C++

Glade To C++ is a project born to semplify the development of GTKmm application written in C++ with the help of GLADE. The software let the user to load a GLADE file and to visualize through a set of dock panels the information about the forms, objects and widgets used into the GLADE project.
For each window, GladeToC++ builds a C++ class for the management of the window itself.

Current Version

At the moment GladeToC++ if presented as an alpha version due to the fact that not all the desidered functionality have been already implemented. Currently, the following features are present:

  • Dockpanel Suite integration for the management of table content
  • Analysis of Gtk::Window and Gtk::Widgets (id-provided) present into the GLADE file
  • Building, for each Gtk::Window, of C++ header file (.h)


Designed implementation:

  • C++ source file (.cpp) building
  • Management of Gtk::Object
  • Management of id-less Gtk::Widgets and Gtk::Objects
  • Save path management